Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Great taste, beautiful place, and you're fashionably late!

Hair: Claire's, necklace: Tally Weijl, coat: New Yorker, handbag: Queen of Darkness, shoes: Demonia, shades: Ray-Ban
Every alt-girl has her pin-up moments, and I'm no exception. So I bought this black pencil skirt and Claire's victory rolls and I had to try them out immediately, and let's face it, you're no pin-up without the right hair, it's not just about the red lips and cat eyeliner. I'm a big fan of retro hair, but not all the time, since I don't like not being able to comb my hair every day and my hair is already damaged and dry enough from all the bleaching, dying and hairspray. For special occasions though, this would be my fave look. Also, I wouldn't be myself without the glam animal print coat and some bling!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Alternative shops in Vienna

I used to live in Vienna back in the 2011 so it's kind of home away from home for me. I was really really excited to go back there after 3 years and see what's new in the shops I used to love. In Belgrade we don't have that many alternative shops so we have to travel abroad to get those kinds of stuff, since online shopping's not really an option.
Anyway, a lot of things have changed. I was really disappointed to see the last gothic shop, that's been there for years, Nexus, is closed. They might re-open on a new location, but it's not for sure.
In 2011 there were 3 major gothic shops in Vienna, and now there aren't any. I guess world economy has really hit its low.
The rest of the alternative shops that are left have fewer things left, and, consequently, more expensive. Some of them are turned into half tattoo-salons. The only good news is the new EMP store, which is really big with all sorts of stuff.
So here we go.

My first stop is always Asiam restaurant which has really cheap running sushi (all you can eat).
Krugerstraße 6 | 1010 Wien 

My next stop was the EMP store.  It's basically a metal merchandise shop specialized in Heavy Metal, Hardcore, Punk, Rock & Alternative and Streetwear. There are also all kinds of handbags, shoes, creepers and jewelry which you can see on their website (not all of it can be found in the actual store though). It's safe to say it's the best alt-shop in Vienna at the moment.

Next I visited the Iron Fist pop-up store in Generali center ( , which had really few really expensive stuff mostly from previous collections.

Then I went to the really famous King Pin, which is of course more on the retro pin-up / rockabilly side. They used to have all sorts of alternative shoes, purses and accessories, but now I kind of found it half-empty. Still one of the more interesting shops in Vienna though.

Last but not least is the Rattlesnake, which is also a (smaller) rock-metal-punk band merch and fashion shop with accessories, makeup, hair dye etc, now turned into a half tattoo-salon, but still you can find a lot of great stuff. They also host meet&greets with famous bands that come to Austria.

Kirchengasse 3

Some more pics (sorry about the low quality, I took them with my phone :). Enjoy!

Kirchengasse - Mariahilfer Kirche 
Art & Style shop

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Veiled beanie

                                                                                             "What's up, doge!"

Beanie: Bershka, shirt: H&M, skirt: New Yorker, studded coat: Tally Weijl, purse: Accessorize 

Here's another "standard" street style "nu-goth" outfit. The veiled beanie gives it that everyday glam sporty goth look that you can wear on the streets and not be considered *too* weird. Anyway I've always experimented with all sorts of veils, fascinators and head accessories so I really like it. The shirt is from the H&M Halloween collection, but if you;re anything like me - Halloween is all year!

Happy New Year

Dress: New Yorker, coat: Zara, jewelry: Claire's

Alright, not quite New Year but this is actually the outfit I wore for the New Year's Eve party. I like it since it kind of reminds me of punk-rock royalty Gwen Stefani. Plaid is a timeless classic and although I don't usually wear red, it is considered good luck to wear it on the NYE. Also feng shui recommends to wear a lot of gold and jewelry to bring prosperity and abundance! I wish you all that in 2015 and may all your wishes come true!

I'm b(l)ack!

Beanie: Tally Weijl, tee: Kupilux, jacket: Pepe Jeans, tutu: custom made, boots: Dr Martens, bag: Queen of Darkness

So after 5 years on blogger I've finally decided to share some of my outfits with the world. :) As my first blog post I chose my go-to outfit, or should I say - my fashion formula, which would be: graphic tee + A-line skirt (tutu) + ankle boots (my trusted Darcie Dr Martens). I think this is the perfect formula for day or night, depending on the colours, materials etc. Add a jacket according to the weather (mostly leather or fur) and you're good to go!
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