Thursday, September 29, 2016

Outfit: Silver Sequins

Outfit details:
Sequin Mouth Pattern Loose T-Shirt:see HERE
Rhinestoned Fake Septum Nose Ring:see HERE

Here's a quick outfit post (and a not so quick video) before I leave for my trip. I got this fabulous glittery jersey from Rosewholesale. I was so excited when it arrived, it fits perfectly and the quality is great! We shot the outfit at sunset so you can see how it shimmers! The rest of the stuff that I got you can see in the video, but will also have separate photo-posts! See You soon! xx
P.S. They also have a special Halloween sale going on, so check it out!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Travel: Corfu Pt.2

Happy beginning of autumn! And what better way to celebrate fall, than with some seaside pics? :p JK, I didn't have the time to edit them for like two months, and now, since I have a new travel adventure coming, I think it's high time I upload these. Since my last text post was pretty long, I'm not gonna write much today, only that aside from Kavos, we visited a few other places on Corfu and nearby islands as well, such as Corfu Town, Parga and Paxos. Here are some details, I hope you like them, and expect new autumn travel pics really soon, but that'll be a surprise! ;)

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