Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Inspirations: 5 Things

Here's another random post, 5 things that made me happy this last week... What inspires you?

1. American pancakes with Nutella and marshmallows <3

2. Hip hop dance <3

3. My new polkadot sneaks  <3

4. OOTD: It's leather jackets and chucks time! <3

5. Hair on point, before rain ruined it, oh well <3 (I know you liked my hair :)

+This dark electro song and video <33 Enjoy!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Instagram Recap: Winter Edition + Beautimafia YouTube Channel

Since I haven't had the time to post much lately, I promise I'll be more active in these following days! Now, my favourite season - fall-winter is long gone, but fortunately I'm snapping pics wherever I go, so here are some of the pictures from my first IG account to remember it by!

P.S. Check out my super cute Instagram friend's Beautimafia channel, and subscribe if you like!
In this video she talks about my fave subject, coffee <3

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Monday Morning & Coffee of the Day

 I've been so busy these days with my university (I had an exam yesterday, my head still hurts), dance classes and gathering the papers for the UAE that I haven't had the time to post these pics from last Monday. My cousin from out of town came to visit, so of course we had to go for a walk to the Kalemegdan Fortress and take some pics. Afterwards we got a cup of coffee at Greenet, where I discovered they now have Pumpkin Latte, my fave coffee any time of year (although the winter is already over). Btw, my shirt has tiny skulls, but you can't really see them, they look like coffee beans or something :)

Skulls shirt, coat: Tally Weijl, pants: New Yorker, handbag: Guess, skull shoes: Humanic 

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