Friday, January 29, 2016

What to Wear: Valentine's Day*

Goth valentines day dress ideas stripes
Dress:see HERE

It's already a tradition that I have some creepy cute Valentine's suggestions for you, and this year is no different! Whether you have a Valentine in mind or not, you still have some time to do some V-day shopping - treat yourself, you deserve it! Naturally I picked out most of the stuff in pink and red, but they're usually available in other colors as well. I also chose a lot of hearts, since according to feng-shui you should wear hearts to attract love (not one, but TWO, since one is the loneliest number!)
Anyway, I hope you like my picks from, go check them out, they have over 100 000 products and free shipping!
Naughty or nice - you decide! <3 Let me know your faves!

Bow gloves: see HERE

Bow shoes: see HERE

Bow bag: see HERE

Love bag: see HERE

Bow purse: see HERE

Silver hearts bracelet: see HERE

Bow earrings: see HERE

Lace cat ears: see HERE

Tin sign: see HERE

Skull bottle: see HERE

Candle holder: see HERE

Dress: see HERE

Dress: see HERE

Skeleton hand hairpin: see HERE

Mask: see HERE

Bow ring: see HERE

Bow boots: see HERE

Crystal necklace: see HERE

Lip balm: see HERE

Bow rain boots: see HERE

Dress: see HERE

Bow dress: see HERE

Plaid dress: see HERE

Coat: see HERE

Coat: see HERE

Bow stockings: see HERE

Veil beanie: see HERE

Heart necklace: see HERE
Lipstick: see HERE

Skull slippers: see HERE
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Monday, January 25, 2016

Blogiversary Giveaway: Retro-electric X Firmoo Glasses/Sunglasses

giveaway purple sunglasses retro cool is the world's most popular online eyeglasses store. Years of expertise in optical industry enable to offer varieties of prescription eyewear to the consuming public in high quality yet at extremely affordable prices.
The low prices in never compromise the quality of eyewear while treating the quality and services to consumers as top priority. fully understands that prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses are classified and regulated by FDA as Class I medical device, therefore multiple inspections of eyewear by their team are being executed before shipping to the customers to ensure 100% accuracy of prescriptions, enhancing the physical well-being of the customers.
More importantly, is aware of the aesthetic functionality of eyeglasses, as they have long been an integral part of the fashion industry. And if you’re worried about how the glasses would fit, just upload your pic and try them on yourself!
For my followers, Firmoo has offered me a giveaway, so you can get a pair of retro/vintage glasses for FREE, or five $10 vouchers!
Now since this giveaway is international, you would only have to pay for the shipping, which is about 5$ (which I still think is a good deal!)
A: One complete pair of Rx-eyeglasses/non-Rx sunglasses from the page:  
for one winner. The prize will be offered in the form of voucher after the giveaway ends.
This voucher covers the frame with 1.50 index single vision lenses. The winner needs to pay the shipping depending on the country and handling fee.
B: Five $10 vouchers for the other 5 winners.
The voucher can be used on all the glasses sitewide ($19-$39), but unavailable to the discounted products. The same voucher code can be used 5 times and save $10 off each order.  
A: This giveaway is open to people who never purchase glasses at  
B: Entrants need to comment below this post with the link to the glasses they like (from this page).
C: You must be following me on GFC and like my Facebook Page.
That’s it. The winners will be chosen on based on the number of your comment, and announced on February 1st!
The giveaway is open to all the countries which Firmoo ships to, and those are:
US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France, Finland, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Greece, Italy, England, UAE, Bengal, Argentina, Pakistan, Brazil, Russia, Peru, Mexico, Ukraine and Israel, Oman, Kuwait, Egypt, Qatar, Bahrain, Latvia, Romania, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, Czech, Iceland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Papua New Guinea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Korea, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Mongolia, Indonesia, Poland, Hungary, Turkey and India.

Here are some of my suggestions:

Don't forget to comment your favorites and good luck! <3

Friday, January 22, 2016

Outfit: I Refuse to Sink

Rockabilly pinup retro goth rock skull top beige leather biker jacker

Outfit details:
Beige faux leather biker jacket: see HERE
I Refuse to Sink skull tank top: see HERE
Boots: Dr Martens

It's been snowing a lot lately so luckily I had the chance to take these outfit pics in a wintery atmosphere. This time I'm wearing a jacket and a tank top I got from NewChic.
The tank top fits so great, which is very rare and important to me -it's not  too tight, noot too wide and not too long, so I can wear it with skirts! It's also my life motto - as cheesy as it sounds, no matter how low I sink I always get right back up!
The form of the jacket is perfect, because I love pointy shoulders, so the cut is very important! It also got here very quickly, in two weeks!
What do you think?

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