Thursday, January 7, 2016

How to be Chic in Winter: NewChic Wishlist

Alternative fashion grunge faux fur ideas cross necklace creepers
Faux fur jacket: see HERE

Today is Christmas in Belgrade and it's snowing outside, it's beautiful! You will see those pics one day, but for now it's time for a new wishlist.
Today I'm presenting you a new online wholesale store called NewChic. They are still pretty new, but are constantly getting new weekly items. They have fabulous and very affordable things, from apparel to make up to hair wigs, so definitely check out their website! They also have a gallery where you can see how their clothes look on real people, which is my favorite part!
Here are some things that caught my eye at first, I'm sure they'll be many more!
Which one is your fave? <3

Heart collar: see HERE

Bows snow boots: see HERE
Long jacket: see HERE

Cupcake bag: see HERE

Chain bracelet: see HERE

Plaid skirt: see HERE

Furry coat: see HERE
Skull bag: see HERE

Faux fur vest: see HERE
Sequins rib-cage pullover: see HERE
Cosmetic bag: see HERE

Military boots: see HERE

Cross necklace: see HERE

Shoes: see HERE

Crown ring: see HERE

Fox bag: see HERE

Shoes: see HERE

Faux leather leggings: see HERE

Stars creepers: see HERE
Winter coat: see HERE

Mesh coat: see HERE

Faux fur jacket: see HERE
Leather skirt: see HERE


  1. Great wishlist!

    I like the items!

    Have a nice weekend!

    xoxo Jacqueline

  2. Cool post! Love the pairs of shoes

  3. Oh, interresting things on your wishlist! I love the skull bag <3 Have a nice weekend!

  4. Really cute stuff <3 My winter look is all about fake fur too this year :)

  5. Great picks!

  6. Loved the cupcake bag :)



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