Monday, January 4, 2016

#ManCrushMonday- Men's Fashion: Luxury Cashmere Sweaters

Men's fashion sweater, Marc Bolan, glam rock
BOLAN sweater will take you from back tie dinner to after-party in the stir of a Martini! 

First of all - Happy New Year, I wish you all the best: health, love and a reason to get up every morning and look forward to the day ahead!
If you still haven't found a present for the man in your life, today we talk about men's fashion for the first time,  to be precise, about a winter staple - sweater.
I love to see a well dressed man just as much as a well dressed woman (=> probably the reason why I haven't found "the one" yet :), it's very important to me.
I've given this a lot of thought and I think that if I were a man, I'd probably be buying fewer but more expensive clothing items. Women need skirts, heels, sandals, platforms, dresses, pants etc. etc. For the men it's much more simple - a good sweater, sweatshirt, shirt, jacket, pants, nice shoes and sneakers, and that's about it for the whole year.
If you want a quality sweater that lasts, I'd suggest The Tailor Retailored luxe cashmere knitwear. The prices are higher than the brands I usually present to you, but it’s very well worth the money for the finest luxury Scottish cashmere.
They look at trends, colours, shapes, the season, use and of course beauty, then design and create limited edition men's cashmere jumpers in small runs of between 20 - 100.

Headed up by John MacEwan and Richard Olive, The Tailor Retailored draw on the teams fashion, marketing, design and cashmere production experience to bring a fresh, modern and seasonal relevance to men’s cashmere knitwear.  The pair have previously worked and designed for international brands such as Kenzo, Lagerfeld, Balenciaga and Scottish cashmere womenswear brand Belinda Robertson.
They look to today’s man -  his needs, his style, his psyche and his beliefs as their starting point. Here are some of my favorites:




Which one is your favorite?
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  1. I love the velvet jacket, not a fan of high necked sweaters! Sorry!

  2. I love the seventies glamour period <3 and this sweater goes so well with the velvet jacket, really like this look :)

  3. That velvet jacket is so sharp.

  4. I like the gothic version the most - great post dear :-)

  5. Great jackets! Love to see what's for women too :)

  6. Odlicni komadi za modernog muskarca! Uvek mi se nekako cini da je njima lakse da pogode dobru kombinaciju u odnosu na nas zene. Valjda sto nemaju toliko izbora, uvek su tu dobre pantalone ili farmerke, dzemper, cipele i to je to :-)

  7. Oh God I wish my fiance would wear a sparkly turtleneck like the one you showcase, hell I would wear it, it's absolutely insane. That indigo shade - obsessed! The velvet jacket is awesome too, you know what I would actually wear that combo myself, love love love ! Viv x

  8. Cashmere sweater on a guy is so classic and sexy! I just love these choices and the colours! Hope you had a Happy New Year 2016! xx

  9. So interesting!
    Thanks for the post! I love your blog =)

  10. I love this selection kiss

  11. Your selection of luxury sweater for men are great ;)


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