Friday, January 29, 2016

What to Wear: Valentine's Day*

Goth valentines day dress ideas stripes
Dress:see HERE

It's already a tradition that I have some creepy cute Valentine's suggestions for you, and this year is no different! Whether you have a Valentine in mind or not, you still have some time to do some V-day shopping - treat yourself, you deserve it! Naturally I picked out most of the stuff in pink and red, but they're usually available in other colors as well. I also chose a lot of hearts, since according to feng-shui you should wear hearts to attract love (not one, but TWO, since one is the loneliest number!)
Anyway, I hope you like my picks from, go check them out, they have over 100 000 products and free shipping!
Naughty or nice - you decide! <3 Let me know your faves!

Bow gloves: see HERE

Bow shoes: see HERE

Bow bag: see HERE

Love bag: see HERE

Bow purse: see HERE

Silver hearts bracelet: see HERE

Bow earrings: see HERE

Lace cat ears: see HERE

Tin sign: see HERE

Skull bottle: see HERE

Candle holder: see HERE

Dress: see HERE

Dress: see HERE

Skeleton hand hairpin: see HERE

Mask: see HERE

Bow ring: see HERE

Bow boots: see HERE

Crystal necklace: see HERE

Lip balm: see HERE

Bow rain boots: see HERE

Dress: see HERE

Bow dress: see HERE

Plaid dress: see HERE

Coat: see HERE

Coat: see HERE

Bow stockings: see HERE

Veil beanie: see HERE

Heart necklace: see HERE
Lipstick: see HERE

Skull slippers: see HERE
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