Friday, August 14, 2015

Last Weekend in Pics + Some New MakeUp

No great weekend starts without coffee. I had only 2 hours to sleep on Friday, so I needed at least 3 of these daily :)
I spent the last weekend in my weekend cottage, that I showed you in one of my previous posts. Again, I posted most of these pics on my Instagram, but decided to post them all together here as well. We also visited the Silver Lake where we had lunch with my relatives (you can see I got many lovely presents from them), and Golubac Fortress, to see the progress. It says on the sight that the fortress should be done by april 2016, so expect new pics :) Also, I went to check out the Bajka guesthouse, but I'm saving those pics for a special post. :)

Tchibo cafissimo

Golubac fortress

Golubac fortress
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Silver Lake

Presents from Austria :)

Presents from Canada :)



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