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Trending Now: Braids All The Way (Guest Post by Peter Minkoff)

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The spring of 2016 is all about braiding up! So, you have noticed a lot of girls wearing boxer braids out there in the street and you want to do something a bit more extraordinary? You are at the right place, get your hair ready and enjoy while you go through the top suggestions to step up your game.

Learn how
First of all, of course, you need to know how to make braids if you want to do that on your own. The most important thing is to do it on not-so-clean hair, so a second day hair will fit perfectly for this kind of hairstyle. Just watch, learn and try. If you still cannot get the look you want to, ask a professional to style it.

Trendy braid idea

The celebs rocking it 
This year the celebs are mad about the braiding trend, so we can see all sort of braid out there in the public. Chrissy Teigen wore double Dutch braids, whereas Lara Stone chose a messy side plait. Grungy Clara Delevingne made a combo of braids and a bun so you could actually use braids as the basis of an extraordinary hairstyle. Of course, Kim K is nailing her look with boxer braids of all sorts. Sometimes she even has four of them and you can hardly see her lately not having them. You can easily get an inspo if you skim through celebrity magazines – the braids went viral this year!

Before you braid the hair

You definitely need to comb through your hair, if you do not want to go nuts once you create a nest on your head. Carefully comb through every section of your hair. When I wanted to create a braid for the first time, because of the fragile hair I have, the only thing I had to do is consult a professional. So, they actually adviced me to buy a quality hair brush which will leave my hair shiny and protected. Top hair professionals told me that Mason Pearson brushes are a must this season! After trying those, I ditched every single brush I have.

Which style should you choose?
If you like boho-inspired looks and hairstyle, go for the modern milkmaid braids. Make loose fishtail braids from the both sides and pull those over your head creating a hair band. Pull out a couple of strands to frame your phase so as to look relaxed. This look will be massive for hitting the forthcoming festivals. Wear it with statement boho necklaces and lots of wristbands.

If you feel like prepping your hair for a smart occasion then make a lot of small braids which you will combine into a sleek larger one. Your face will be in the spotlight so be sure to have a radiant lipstick and statement earrings to enhance your beauty.

Feeling like a badass? Go for Mohawk braids, make a couple of them and then collect every section of your hair in a tall pony tail. Add some black clothes and you are ready to go.

You want to look trendy even while doing sports? Create boxer braids. Comb your hair, then make a 2 tails and braid the hair from top to bottom. Your hair will not stop you to move freely, and you will look mesmerizing.

Romantic ones may want to find something that will reflect their inner personality, so go for a top bun created out of a large braid curled all over the bun. It will be both elegant and romantic.

The braid trend is viral now and is definitely here to stay. Do not be basic! Try slight alterations to the standard braids and get into the spotlight. Brush it, twist and twirl it and your Royal Braidiness is ready to go.

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Peter is a lifestyle editor for HighStyleLife located in Brisbane, Australia. After graduating from Australian Institute of Creative Design,he worked as a fashion stylist and as a freelance writer for few local newspapers in Brisbane. Beside writing, he loves shopping, cooking exotic meals and traveling around tropical destinations. He’s future plans are in creating his personal lifestyle blog about everyday life-saving tips.
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