Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Outfit: Purple Lace & Creepers

goth girl purple lace dress pink hair skull creepers

Outfit details:
Skull creepers: see HERE
Steampunk necklace: see HERE
Silver earrings: see HERE
Purple lace dress: see HERE

I'm back from my vacation, so it's time to show you the outfit  I got from Banggood.
I chose this purple lace dress because I think it goes well with the black and white creepers.
The dress turned out to be a bit short, as it is cut just beneath the breasts, so I wouldn't recommend it for bustier girls as it can look like you have no waist. The material is light and thin.
This is my 2nd pair of creepers from Banggood - of course, I had to have the skull ones as well, because they're awesome!
I also got this steampunk necklace - perfect accessory for a steampunk night!
Last but not least, I got these silver earrings, which I found interesting as it makes it look like you have multiple earrings. Also, they don't stain, so you can wear them every day.

What do you think?

All photos by Tamara Pavisic.

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