Friday, January 20, 2017

Travel: Spittelberg Christmas Market & Grinzing

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Hello from me after a long time. I don't know why, but I've been busier than usual. Not like I ever leave the house though, haha. Anyway, my blogiversary is coming so I expect to do some writing then. For now, I still owe you the second part of my Vienna Christmas market trip.

This time we visited the Spittelberg Christmas market. Which is actually weird to me, because it consists of a number of smaller markets in narrow streets, I've never even heard of it before. We went on to do some shopping at the nearby handmade craft stores, and to drink some punch.
I wanted to spend my last day in Vienna at my favorite place in the world - Grinzing. We had a glass of wine, took a couple of pics, and it was already time to go.
Btw, you can see how I used a different method of editing my pics (they used to be more saturated before, let me know how you like it!
How did you spend the holidays?


  1. Fantasticne fotografije. Taj market izgleda fantasticno.

    March and May

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  3. Prelepe fotografije! Vidi se da si ih editovala na nov i originalan način.

  4. Happy early blogiversary! These photos are lovely :)

  5. Such a beautiful pics, Vienna is so lovely!

  6. I really like Christmas markets and this one looks terrific and really festive :)

  7. Looks like such a wonderful trip. Now, I've got my passport back I think I need to revisit for a holiday. Lovely photos.

  8. What a lovely place! I think I felt in love with Viena hahah, also I love so much your coat!
    Instagram: @veronicamgx

  9. Have a lovely evening dear! :)

  10. This is a gorgeous post. You have some killer style x

  11. I really like these photos and your style :)


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