Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Tragic Beautiful: What I got!

Dress & jacket: H&R London, purse: Sourpuss, handbag: Too fast, makeup: Sugarpill, watch: Iron Fist

You know how they say that what you love loves you? Well, this is definitely true with my relationship with fashion. In the last year I won 2 contests from goth shops. The Tragic Beautiful is really a major prize since I got 5 of their items, all of which I love! I pinned them on my Pinterest board with the theme My perfect dark Christmas (you can view the board here

I really wanted to make it special and extra dark and different and my own, and it shows. I wanted to avoid the typical Christmas and goth colour combinations like red and black, so I stuck with my fave combination - black, white and purple. Plus I have to add I love Xmas and winter and snow (I had to add a pic of Marilyn Manson in the snow as well, I think it's magical) so I really enjoyed making this board. And I really love the Tragic Beautiful shop, I look at their stuff every day on Facebook! And I really won the stuff! Btw, you can see that my perfect dark Xmas tree was decorated in the same manner and the same colours, with Jack Skellington and polka dots and bows and skulls :) Also I plan on keeping this tree around for most of the year, don't think it's weird :D

What I got:
-this gorgeous "horrorbilly" dress by H&R (Hearts & Roses) London
-the "Black Parade" military steampunk jacket (I have always wanted one, and I can never get enough of military stuff, I think it's the most elegant thing in the world)
-the elegant classic purple Sourpuss purse with the bow
-the gorgeous skull handbag by Too Fast
-the purple Sugarpill eye shadow, Cold chemistry collection by Amelia Arsenic, who is my absolute fashion icon since earliest goth days!

The point is:
1. All of this stuff is absolutely awesome and my style and I got everything that I had hoped for!
2. I never believed in a million years this could happen to me, since I never considered myself an especially lucky person to win such a prize! And it arrived from Australia, which is half way around the world, so it's kind of a miracle! I just didn't consider myself one of "those people" that get stuff based on luck. Everything I got I had to work for and I was used to it. So I wasn't born lucky, I just set my mind right to attract beautiful things, which can only happen out of pure love for something, in this case, fashion.(This would be the educational-motivational component of my blog :)

So the message for this year would be: do what you love, out of love, and good luck will follow. I definitely started the year off right, with optimism and the belief that miracles do happen to everyone! I wish you all the best, and of course, once again a big Thank you to the people of Tragic Beautiful! <3


  1. Thank you for your lovely comments dear! I will definitely be back here soon. <3

    PS. Your hair is absolutely gorgeous, I am quite envious that I cannot style this myself! :)

    1. Thank you, I'm glad! :]
      And you're welcome, your posts are absolutely magica! <3

  2. Sounds like you did deserve to win though! You scored some amazing prizes!

  3. You deserved to win! You look great!


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