Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Winter walk

Coat: H&M, necklace & hat: Tally Weijl, necklace: Claire's, sweater: Bershka, leggings: C&A, handbag: Guess, boots: Esprit, shades: Ray Ban, scarf: Pimkie

This was actually quite unplanned but I really wanted to take some pictures of the snow, while it's still there! So this is my typical going-to-school-9-A.M.-Monday look. Btw, I'm going back to classes after a long time deliberating what I want to do with my life -I couldn't be prouder of myself! And since I'm not really in the mood to carefully plan my outfits that early in the morning (especially if it's the weekend and I went out the night before:), so I just throw on a black sweater in the winter, and add a bunch of necklaces (these are only two, though it looks like a lot:), or some interesting boots or pants! Lately I prefer leather leggings to skinny jeans, I think it's more glam. Also, the day was very sunny, that's why I added the black&white effect, it looks more gloomy and wintery to me. :)


  1. LOL I agree, the black and white make it look more winterey :)

    1. You should have seen the Sun, it was awful! xD

  2. LOVE this outfit!! <3 Cool photography too! xx

  3. Gorgeous as always dear!


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