Monday, April 20, 2015

7 star Hotel, 24 Carat Coffee, Beach & OOTD

First of all WARNING: this is gonna be a looong post, longest ever! It was the 2nd day of our UAE visit, and we took like a million pics! First in a park, then in the Emirates Palace, and lastly on the beach (where we were going anyways, but by the time we got there there was no more time for swimming or anything).

Now, about the Emirates Palace: it's not really a royal palace but a seven stars hotel, but sure feels like a real palace. If you only want to spend one day in Abu Dhabi and taste that royal life, I'd suggest going there. Now, the Palace is famous for its specialties with gold, among which are coffee, burgers and fries, which are served in the lobby in Le Cafe. There is a smart casual dress code, so we had to cover up, since my dress was more meant for the beach really.
The coffee also known as the Palace Capuccino is a superior blend of aromatic coffee sprinkled with 24 carat gold flakes. Since the Emirates epitomises luxury and decadence in every way, I think this special beverage is a perfect representation of that and you shouldn't feel bad about spending your tourist money since you probably won't find it anywhere else in the world! Btw, in the Palace there are also parties called Ladies Nights, where as a woman you can drink for free the whole night, in a 7 star hotel! I think Abu Dhabi is unique in this way.
And if you take anything with you from the Emirates, why not take some gold in your digestive system? I haven't checked, but if iron is good for your body, then gold would probably be even better! Eat gold for breakfast - shine all day! <3

Dress: Amisu, flower: from Spain, jacket: Tally Weijl, bag: dm


  1. Beautiful photos! Love your dress <3

  2. You look stunning in that dress :) looks like you had an amazing time!

  3. Dude, I am so living vicariously through your photos lol. And that little checked dress looks sickening on you!

    1. Awww thank you! You make my life sound so interesting xD

  4. I love that dress. You are adorable

  5. That place is sure luxurious! Glad you had an amazing time there. :D

  6. Love the dress!!!

  7. Amazing pictures & cute outfit :)


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  9. Amazing dress! And your hair style is so pretty!

  10. Lovely outfits and photos ^^

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