Saturday, April 18, 2015

Flight Mode

I'm back from the Emirates, too soon but I had a great time. My general impressions are really positive, Abu Dhabi is a huge modern city, but I liked Dubai even more because it's more touristic. It reminds me of the US very much because they have all the American shops and food chains that we don't have in Europe.Also the huge cars and roads and buildings. The prices are more or less like in Europe, except some things like fruit juices, water and taxi that are cheaper. The only problem is probably the climate (it was already 40 C and it's only April) and the distance - you need a car to get to anywhere.

So let's start off with some airplane pics. We flew with Air Serbia and it was hot as hell in the plane. We each got an I-pad for music or movies, I watched Into the Woods, but couldn't manage to watch the whole 2 hour movie in 10 hours, cause we were laughing and drinking gin-tonic the whole time, and on my flight back I couldn't do anything but sleep. Also, we smuggled this fancy lil drink from the duty free shop, it was kind of a strawberry liquor.

Shirt: H&M, jacket, sneaks: Terranova, bag: Iron Fist, bracelets: Claire's, rings: Tally Weijl


  1. You look amazing in this!
    Great post!

  2. Great photographs!

    I love your skirt, and those nails are perfect! ♥


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