Saturday, June 20, 2015

Bday Cupcakes!

Here's the rest of the pics from my b-day, as you can see I spent it mostly making cupcakes, then I spent 6 hours getting extensions at the hair salon and then I had some friends over and we drank and went out. I was so busy that I didn't get to eat anything except like 3 cupcakes and 2  pieces of toast the whole day, let's just say that wasn't a very good idea :D All in all it was fun <3


  1. Ooh those all look delicious.

  2. OMG these look amazing!!

    I have just followed you on GFC and would love for you to follow back!

  3. i'm drooling for the cupcakes! happy bday!


  4. Very good post!

    Let me know if you'd like us to follow eachother and keep in touch?
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    Have a nice day !


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