Sunday, November 20, 2016

Munich: Day 1 & 2

Germany girl blonde pink blue hair goth Munich outfit

Although I'm on a busy schedule as usual, I think it's only logical that I post these before my next destination - Schattenwelt Festival in Vienna. The pretty fall decor that you see in the first few pics are actually from Austria, I love how Austrians pay attention to details and aesthetics! So, as soon as I step on the Austrian territory, I'm as happy as a little kid, especially now around holidays. 

As for my first day in Germany, I'm ashamed to admit that I spent half of my day in Starbucks waiting for my friend. At night, we went out downtown, but the pics didn't turn out great, since it was dark. 

The second day we decided to try to do some shopping, but I barely had the time to buy two things, and eat a waffle on the run (this waffle is the only thing I got to eat allday). I always promise myself I will not get stressed and be in a constant hurry when I'm on holidays, but somehow that's exactly what I end up doing. Does this keep happening to you too?

Expect the rest of the pics in the next few days, before I leave to my favorite country <3


  1. Beautiful Pictures!very smooth and warm!Looks passionate!

  2. Wow nice pictures ! I am hungry now *nomnomnom*


  3. Predivna predbozicna atmosfera! Uzivala sam u fotografijama :-***

  4. you took some really great shots x

  5. It looks really nice espcailly the creme waffles.


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